Company Info

Access to more. Products for less.
ELCO Systems (Canada) was founded in 1992 with the objective of giving our customers high quality products at competitive prices, backed up by superb service.

From just one office in Markham, Ontario, ELCO Group has grown into a full service national distributor from coast to coast. Our customers are able to enjoy the detailed attention typical of a local supplier, and yet are able to benefit from the buying power of a national organization. All our products are supported by a group of sales and service teams, which provide pre- and post- sales support to all of our customers.

The ELCO Group has the power to perform – the power to get the job done. Proven by our ability to serve the needs of ALL of our customers from small entrepreneurial companies to the largest corporations. The unique relationship that we forge with leading manufacturers enables us to get the best results for our customers. We pride ourselves on the diversity of the stock we hold and everything advertised can be delivered directly from our warehouse. We believe that our expertise & experience is channeled to serve our customers better than anyone else in the business. Our vision for the ELCO Group is to be regarded as an exceptional service organization, not the biggest just the best.

Evolve. Adapt. Integrate.
Survival and success depend on these values. Elco Systems recognizes the importance of changing with the times. And we actively apply this process to our growing company. On our 15th year anniversary in 2007, we have revolutionized our logo to better represent our company’s ambitious nature. The logo is simple and comprehensive at the same time. Resembling a honeycomb interlocking to form a complete and efficient network. A multi-coloured cube reflecting our cohesive unity with our customers. The letters “e” and “s” superimposed in its positive and negative space. We at Elco Systems are dedicated to constantly improving our services. But our core values remain constant and strong.

Awards & Accomplishments

TP-Link Authorized Partner – 2018
Intel Technology Provider Platinum – 2018
ASUS Associate Distributor

Intel Technology Provider Platinum – 2017
Lenovo PCG Partner Engage Program Gold Partner – 2017
ASUS Premier Partner – 2016
ASUS Associate Distributor

Intel Technology Provider Platinum – 2016

Intel Technology Provider Platinum – 2015

Xerox Peak Channel Partner Silver – 2013

Xerox Peak Channel Partner Silver – 2012

Intel Technology Provider Platinum – 2012
Xerox Peak Channel Partner Silver – 2011
Microsoft Certified Partner – 2010

Intel Technology Provider Platinum – 2011
Intel Technology Provider Platinum 5 Year Award
Microsoft Certified Partner – 2010
Seagate Premier Partner – 2010
Xerox Peak Channel Partner Silver – 2010

Fujitsu NMSO Authorized Reseller 2010 – Scanner
AMD Fusion Partner – Premier 2010
Blackberry Authorized Reseller 2010
AMD Channel Provider – Platinum 2009

Microsoft Authorized Charity Reseller
Cisco Select Certified Partner 2008
Axis Communications Authorized Partner 2008
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner 2008
Toshiba Authorized Service Provider 2008
Shuttle Best Partner of the Year 2008
Seagate Premier Partner 2008
Intel Solutions Summit 2007-Rookie of the Year

Microsoft Platinum System Builder 2006
Viewsonic VIP Member 2006
Intel Premiere Channel Partner 2006
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner 2006
Canadian System Builders Choice Award 2006 – Distributor nominee
Hitachi Mobile HDD Sales Leadership 2006
Seagate Outstanding Performance 2005
Microsoft Gold Certified Partner 2005

AMD Solution Provider – Gold Member 2004
PowerColor Best Performance 2003
Shuttle XPC Best Performance 2003
Microsoft Sales Award Finalist 2003

AMD Microsoft Top OEM System Builder 2002
Seagate Technology Top Performance 2002
Microsoft System Builder – Gold Member 2000, 2001
Outstanding 3Com Connected Partner 2000